• eCommerce Simplified.

    Anchanto, a full-service e-commerce fulfilment company, simplifies e-commerce marketing, order management and delivery for world-renowned brands.

    Cross-border E-Commerce

    Need to generate your next 1000 customers? 10,000 customers? We make expansion into Asia simple with our fully managed Cross-border fulfilment service.

    Channel Management

    We design and create branded shopfronts on Asia’s most popular e-commerce marketplaces and manage the ongoing listing and promotion of your products.……………………

    Fulfilment and Delivery

    Our integrated inventory management, warehousing, picking and packing, last mile delivery service simplifies operations and increases profitability.

    Anchanto Fulfilment Network

    The Anchanto Fulfilment Network makes it simple for legacy logistics companies to tap into the e-commerce revolution and create new revenue streams.

    Southeast Asia’s e-commerce growth is robust. In 2016, internet users will rise up to 205 million in SEA.

    Expected % growth of internet users by 2016:
    All in One

    As an online business, brand or seller, get the SLA and operations’ visibility through our cloud-based applications. From fulfilment and delivery to cross-border and channel management, get all info from one place.

    Super Charged Deliveries

    Our Anchanto Fulfilment Network links multiple warehouses into a single platform and we work with large last-mile delivery companies in each country to deliver online orders promptly.

    Comprehensive Services

    Our services include Regional Fulfilment, Next-day Delivery in 4 Countries, Channel Management, Marketing, Promotions Management, Warehousing, Picking and Packing, Analytics and more.

    Platform for Growth

    From large business conglomerates to start-ups with a great idea, our one platform fits all. Grow without any fulfilment bottlenecks across regions and scale up using our expanding logistics setup across Southeast Asia, India and Australia.

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