Our Logo Story

The triangular shape of our individual products in the Anchanto logo is representative of our philosophy of simplicity and stability! A triangular three-dimensional figure is the only entity that can stand stable on its own using the least number of sides/faces/lines. Each of the three sides of the product triangle signifies one of its important attributes. Hence, all four of our products have three unique attributes that make them unrivalled in their particular business verticals.

The Anchanto whole, a robust sum of its flexible parts, represents 3 characteristics: boldness, humility, and aspiration! The four product triangles add up to form a proxima nova thick gallant arrow shape, giving it a bold look. The soft corner curves and the lowercase letters in “anchanto” stand for utmost humility, and the upward direction of the arrow shape personifies infinite aspiration.

Anchanto as a whole is a scalable and sustainable disruptor in the logistics world and endeavors to make it flatter to trade in. Each product is independent, but is seamlessly integrated with other product elements of the logo and hence represents the symbiotic relationship they share.
They don’t jostle for space, rather, they occupy their rightful places, complement one another, and stabilize the whole!

The logo represents our vision of enabling small sellers and brick-and-mortar warehousing businesses—literally non-entities in the current global e-commerce and logistics landscape—with e-commerce, cross-border selling and global fulfillment capabilities.

Logo Spacing

Grey stripped area indicates Safe Zone. Other graphical and visual elements can be safely positioned up to the adjoining Blue area.
Blue indicates Clear Space. The blue area must be kept free of all other graphical and visual elements.
The minimum required Clear Space is defined by the measurement ‘X’ (equal to the height of the uppercase letters, known as the ‘cap-height’. The width is equal to the height.)

Logo Product Colors

Use these alternate logos on dark colored or gradient backgrounds, or for single-color printing. Please select our primary logo (above) by default, in all other cases.

White on Blue Gradient

White on Red Gradient

White on Yellow Gradient

White on Green Gradient

White on rounded product gradient

Product colors on white

E-WMS Color on white

Cross Border Shipping Color on white

Global Fulfillment Network color on white

Sellu Seller Color on white

Flat color palette


Anchanto Gradient Colors

Always use GRADIENT colors when displaying the logo digitally. Never use the gradient color when the logo is printed, and always use the flat color for a printed purpose.


Neutral Palette