Why choose our cross-border network?

Amazing benefits we offer

Competitive rates

One of the main drivers of cross-border e-commerce is low shipping rates. We do our best to provide the most competitive rates to our partners.

Best-in-class SLAs

Reliability is of utmost importance to us and our clients. We constantly strive to over achieve our SLAs and have consistently achieved an impressive SLA of > 99%

End-to-end technology integration

Technology is at the core of Anchanto. We render manual processes obsolete, so should you! We therefore integrate you and all our partners along the supply chain, seamlessly.

Full shipping-label operability

Struggling with keeping an overview of all your orders from various marketplaces is a thing of the past. With SelluSeller, you can view and manage all your orders conveniently from one place!

Single-point contact for all countries

Our clients run several cross-border lanes but want simple communication. Anchanto technology offers a single interface system to sellers.

Returns management

Returns logistics can become a complex and expensive process for online retailers. Anchanto helps you manage returns efficiently in a very cost-effective manner.

Full visibility and data analytics

We provide real-time data of inventory, order processing, and quality of service. You can access your data over web and mobile.

DDU & DDP Support

Anchanto supports flexible duties and in-country tax payment options.

Marketplace cross-border shipping

Sellers and brands can accept and print shipping labels and can also ship regionally.

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How it works?

Partner with us

Reach out to us to sign up for our competitive rates and information about our technology.

upload shipment data / manifest

Easy and automated uploads of shipment information (e.g. MAWB) into our system through API or on an FTP server.

send shipments to destination country

Consolidators or retailers to organize line haul to destination country. We can help you with our great line haul rates.

Custom clearance

Anchanto generates required information in specific formats for local custom, clears the parcels quickly, and updates shipment statuses in the system.

parcel sorting and dispatch

Anchanto receives parcels at warehouses, breaks the bulk, and dispatches parcels for the local last mile delivery on the very same day.

Last mile delivery

Anchanto and our partners deliver parcels to customers on the very same day or the very next day and collect COD, if necessary.

reverse logistics

We provide in-country pick up and consolidation services for customer returns. The option to return to sender or other destination in the country is also available.

customer service

Our world class customer service team manages customer queries related to delivery and order returns on your behalf.

Our reach

Anchanto currently runs cross-border e-commerce from / to the following countries. We are constantly adding new lanes, so reach out to us to get a quote.

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