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Anchanto Integrations Updates – June 2022

Anchanto Integrations Updates – June 2022

Namaste and Bonjour, mate! 

From centrally managing new orders to offering fast fulfilment, eCommerce success can double up when you opt for a system with ready integrations. And it’s no secret we love adding new names to our list of integrations.

This June, we bring you exclusive updates for shipping carriers and marketplaces in Australia and France, with one new integration for Indian enterprises to keep an eye out for.

Here’s what we have in store for you this month:

1. Flipkart

Explore the Indian market by managing your store on Flipkart!

Headquartered in Bangalore, Flipkart is an eCommerce marketplace focused on simplifying shopping for customers in India and across the world. Leading categories on the platform are electronics, home and living, fashion and beauty. Currently, Flipkart has over 80 million products across 80+ categories. It also has 100 million registered users and 100 thousand sellers presently functional.

Flipkart is integrated with Anchanto OMS, allowing sellers to seamlessly manage operations on the platform.


Inventory Management

  • Centralize and Auto-sync Inventory (with Bulk Inventory Update)

  • Get Low-on-Stock and Out-of-Stock Alerts for replenishment

  • Set/Add Buffer Stock centrally

  • Monitor in-process stocks in real-time

  • Manage Stocks based on Batch and Expiry Management

  • Maintain Quality based Inventory Counts

Order Management

  • Centrally View all your brands on one dashboard

  • Easily View, Manage & Process all orders with a single order process flow

  • Track complete order cycle

  • Monitor status-wise orders

  • Download the Anchanto-generated and/or marketplace-generated shipping labels and invoice

Analytics & Reports

  • Manage multiple stores sales on one dashboard and in single currency

  • Check high and low performing products & categories in a glance

  • Achieve control & visibility on sellout data

  • Track brand-wise performance

  • Easily compare the sales performance of 2 or more sales channels for a specific period

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2. Catch (COTD) on Mirakl Platform

It’s no miracle, it is Mirakl! If you have used Catch and Anchanto OMS together, mate, it is time to add in the ability to access the Catch marketplace via the Mirakl Platform!

Here are some updated functionalities:


  • Sync category and category attributes from Anchanto OMS to Catch on Mirakl

  • Access lists and update catalogue attributes for Catch on Mirakl via Anchanto OMS

  • Sync Orders (Draft, Completed, Cancellation) on Anchanto OMS for Catch on Mirakl

  • Get Inventory & Price Update on Anchanto OMS for Catch on Mirakl

  • Easily process orders for Catch on Mirakle via Anchanto OMS

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3. Mondial Relay

After enabling businesses to achieve manage their eCommerce operations in France using Anchanto OMS, this shipping carrier is now integrated with Anchanto WMS. Seamless deliveries and fulfilment can now be an everyday reality!


  • Now connect with Mondial Relay shipping carrier via Anchanto WMS for all your fulfilment requirements

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1. DPD

Deliver sustainably across the region with DPD!

France, are you ready to say bonjour to DPD on Anchanto WMS? Because the update is here, allowing you to use the robust platform for accurate and effortless fulfilment.


  • Now connect with DPD shipping carrier via Anchanto WMS for all your fulfilment requirements

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5. FedEx

Jee haan, FedEx is now integrated with our warehouse management system – Anchanto WMS! Deliver all your parcels across India with technology that supports you through and through.


  • Now connect with FedEx shipping carrier via Anchanto WMS for all your fulfilment requirements

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