Transform your existing warehousing assets to serve eCommerce customers and online sellers

Anchanting Benefits We Offer
Marketplace integrations

Our e-WMS (eCommerce Warehouse Management System) is integrated with leading regional marketplaces enabling 3PLs to offer fulfillment services to online sellers.

E-commerce site integrations

Our Ecommerce Warehouse Management System is integrated with leading global Web store builders such as Shopify and Magento to enable with 3PLs to offer fulfillment services to sellers directly.

Integrated customer support

Detailed functionalities for customer support teams for accessing orders, inventory, and consignment status to answer customer queries faster. Inbuilt integration with CS tools.

Regional partner network

AWith Anchanto, you seamlessly get connected and integrated with our 30+ global partners who already run on our SaaS technology. Our network includes consolidators, custom clearing agents, and forwarders around the globe. By running on our technology, you automatically connect to all our partners worldwide, which enables you to do seamless cross-border e-commerce and become a regional partner of choice.

Anchanto with huge seller network

Thousands of brands and merchants use Anchanto's SelluSeller to list products on marketplaces. We also run several cross-border e-commerce lanes inter and intra Asia. We are well connected with consolidators and retailers around the globe and continuously strive to put more volume on our network. By being our regional partner and running on our technology, you can secure the volumes, that we inject in our network. No integration or sales effort required from your side.

Why choose the anchanto e-commerce warehouse management system?
Anchanting Features We Offer
Inventory Inbound Processing

With our SaaS warehouse inventory management software, all sellers/merchants will have 24x7 access to their inventory, orders and customer data. Dedicated flows in our platform will help them manage all the inventory inbounding processes without sending emails.

Put-away and storage management

Dedicated functionalities and applications in WMS Software for inventory put-away and storage in shelves, racks, and bins for efficient storage-space utilization and order picking.

eCommerce Order Management

Anchanto Warehouse Management Software enables highly optimized and systematic order processing flow and management for e-commerce orders to enable high operations efficiency and complete audit trail for issue analysis.

Last mile delivery

Warehouse tracking android app for your delivery staff to enable live updates of delivery statuses and optimal route planning to improve delivery efficiency.


Inbuilt logic, integration, and flows for order dispatch/handover to internal or external delivery services for last mile delivery. Auto update of order status and dispatch to internal and external systems.

Inbound, picking, packing & QC apps

Dedicated mobile Applications representing flows for Inbound, picking, packing and quality control in our inventory management platform. 24x7 access to sellers and merchants, helping them manage and track all inbound inventory processes.

Billing tool

Integrated billing modules in our WMS system help capture all the billing events for every service rendered. Our module generates data export files in the required format that can be imported into different billing systems.

Work allocation

Efficient and optimized work flow allocation for operations staff across warehouses to better utilize manpower and achieve higher orders per staff.

Audit trail

Full audit trail of usage, order processing, and inventory handling and management to help operations management to identify issues, resolve disputes or inventory pilferage.

Dashboard and Analytics

Web access for Sellers, Merchants, and Customers to our WMS System, helping them access information about order and inventory status 24x7. The SaaS system also allows users to create new products and consignments, thus decreasing Customer Support work load.

Web access to sellers

Full suite of functionalities to configure and manage assets, processes, people, roles, and operations of the e-commerce Fulfillment Center by using real-time dashboards and functionalities.


Sellers get email and/or SMS notifications for certain events such as cancelled or return orders, inventory replenishment notifications, inbound shipment processed, etc.

data export

Range of operations and SLA data exports from the platform so that it can be used internally or externally in different systems without having to integrate with them.

Cross-border management

Our technology reliably integrates retailers and consolidators with all logistics partners along the supply chain for seamless data transmission and full shipping-label interoperability. By using the Anchanto eWMS (Ecommerce Warehouse Management System), you automatically join a global cross-border network - inter and intra Asia.


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