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Monitor your digital shelf health
and gain market leadership

Stay competitive with actionable data on your and your competitors’ pricing, sales, and content quality across categories and channels.

Rise above Price Wars

Engaging in price wars can tarnish your brand’s reputation by associating it with low-quality products or services. Instead, leverage insights for long-term trust and loyalty.

Stay one step ahead, always

Obtain quick updates and take immediate action against price violations or content quality through well connected channels and back-end systems.

Pitfalls of Not Addressing Your Challenges

Diminishing market share and brand equity:

Without a data backed strategy, it’s impossible to beat competition & regain or increase market share

Losing in price wars with competitors:

Discounts can be good a quick fix but can damage your brand’s reputation & profitability in the long run

Price Violation by 3rd party sellers:

Greysellers & resellers frequently undercut a brand’s authorized price leading to reduced profit margins

Poor customer experience:

Not analyzing reviews & ratings will deprive you of valuable insights about your customers.

Delivery, Implementation, customer support

Quick solution setup and implementation

12-hour-local-time support, 7 days a week

Assistance in local languages