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Get detailed parcel tracking information from multiple carriers in real-time

Confidently answer ‘where is my order questions’ with uniform visibility of all your parcels, deliveries, exceptions and returns across multiple carriers.   

Multiple carriers, one platform

Easily access tracking data from multiple carriers on a central platform and gain global visibility of all parcels.

Reduce inbound customer call volume

Take the load off your customer support staff by equipping shoppers with accurate and timely tracking updates on their orders.

Pitfalls of Not Addressing Your Challenges

Unstable systems

Not having robust & latest technology for data volume management can lead to a total collapse of your business.

Fragmented tracking details

Manually mapping raw tracking events will cause operational inefficiency and result in fragmented tracking information.

Loss of business & customer trust

No visibility in exceptional situations such as delays will lead to loss of business and impact end user experience. 

Restrictions in scaling up the business

Unable to add more carriers and expand to more locations due to old and inefficient systems.

Delivery, Implementation, customer support

12-hour local-time support, 7 days a week

Dedicated account managers, at all times

Assistance in local languages