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Drive Customer Retention through Exceptional Post Purchase Experience

Offer a branded tracking experience, customized communication, and real-time tracking visibility through a central platform that integrates with your entire ecosystem.

Decrease WISMO Queries

Equip your customers with real-time tracking information before they can ask "Where is my order?" and reduce the burden on your support staff.

Foster Customer Loyalty

Take customer experience to the next level with proactive communications throughout the delivery and return journey.

Pitfalls of Not Addressing Your Challenges

Unable to manage WISMO queries

Delayed support results in confusion and lack of visibility around delays or exceptional situations.

Decreasing brand reputation

Inaccurate and delayed tracking updates can lead to frustrated customers and poor online ratings.

Inevitable increase in errors

Manual tracking methods lead to errors which in turn hamper the overall post purchase experience for shoppers.

Restrictions on scalability

Not having the ability to easily add more carriers & geographies can hamper the growth of the business.

Delivery, Implementation, customer support

12-hour local-time support, 7 days a week

Dedicated account managers, at all times

Assistance in local languages