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Digital Shelf

AI-powered insights on your brand’s health and product performance

Get Competitive Advantage

Online marketplaces are noisy, dynamic, and filled with fierce competition. Get a central view of your and your competitor’s product availability, pricing, and sales

Track greysellers and resellers

Get visibility on all the 3rd party sellers involved in selling your products. Learn the price points they offer, the channels they use, the violations they make, and flag activities as needed

Anchanto Digital Shelf Capabilities

Identify unauthorized sellers

Identify unauthorized sellers who are undercutting your prices, violating MSRPs and using wrong product content on marketplaces.

Track total sales & GMV

Know your top-performing and low-performing products by units sold and GMV ​across all online sales channels and sellers.

Monitor prices & discounts

Track discounts and promotions being offered by your competitors and keep your product price more competitive​.

Track inventory availability

Track new launches by competitors, out of stock or available to purchase product and optimize your inventory strategy.

Know your share of search

Get critical insights into your brand’s visibility by knowing your share of search and keyword ranking along with that of your competitors

Download & share reports

Easily share reports via email by bulk exporting dashboards, enhancing team collaboration and insights.

Maintain content quality

Enhance customer experience by getting insights about your content quality- products image and description ​as well as reviews and ratings

Competitor comparison

Explore competing products with options to compare side-by-side on parameters such as selling price, review score, and discounts offered. ​

Dashboard with summary

View a snapshot of your retail health by tracking pricing, availability and sales for stores, brands and categories on a dashboard

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