Cafe24 is a leading global eCommerce solution providing platform that offers IT solutions and business services to help their customers establish a strong online presence. With its one-stop solution approach, Cafe24 provides innovative solutions to merchants and businesses and allows them to focus on building their digital presence. Currently, Cafe24 has 1.9 million online stores and 6.1 million registered users. The services offered by the platform are customer-centric and offer the users easy and convenient selling methods that aid digital expansion.


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  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • catalogues & listings
  • logistics & warehousing
  • Analytics & reports
inventory management
  • Centralize and Auto-sync Inventory

  • Get Low-on-Stock and Out-of-Stock Alerts for replenishment

  • Set/Add Buffer Stock centrally

  • Easily Import Bulk Products

  • Monitor in-process stocks in real-time

  • Manage Stocks based on Batch and Expiry Management

  • Maintain Quality based Inventory Counts

order management
  • Centrally View all your brands on one dashboard

  • Easily View, Manage & Process all orders with single order process flow

  • Track complete order cycle

  • Monitor status-wise orders

  • Download the Anchanto-generated and/or marketplace-generated shipping labels and invoices

  • Automate the seller delivery orders via Anchanto integrated 3PLs

  • Get ‘Order Approval’ feature to accept or reject orders via Anchanto OMS

catalogues & listings
  • Super-fast product listings

  • Easily add, monitor, and edit products and their descriptions

  • Easily list the non listed existing products available in Anchanto OMS to Cafe24

  • Specialized functionalities to update listings on select channels

  • Easily track the product status and error if any from Cafe24

  • Simplified steps to create Kits & bundles

logistics & warehousing
  • Easy flow for order assignment to pickers and packers

  • Easily assign channel-wise Last-mile carriers

  • Track the order movement in the Warehouse

  • Configure User Roles

  • Consolidate front-end and back-end processes

  • Get real-time logistics updates

analytics & reports
  • Manage multiple stores sales on one dashboard and in a single currency

  • Check high and low-performing products & categories at a glance

  • Achieve control & visibility on sellout data

  • Track brand-wise performance

  • Easily compare the sales performance of 2 or more sales channels for a specific period

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