CJ Century is a leading provider of supply chain solutions in the region. Their journey began as a forwarding agent in the 1970s. Ever since then, the group has diversified into integrated logistics, oil logistics, procurement logistics as well as data management solutions.

CJ Century's unique model of value-added solutions encompasses warehousing and distribution services that can be scaled and customized. This helps them cater to the needs of customers based on the demands and delivery service requirements for their products.

With the innovative solutions offered, CJ Century has evolved to managing the contract logistics of discerning clientele, where the value propositions are to improve operational efficiencies that positively enhance the clientele and their end customers.

Shipping Carrier


  • Order Creation
  • Shipping Label
  • Order Status Tracking
order creation
  • Once an order is processed on Anchanto OMS/WMS, it will automatically be created on CJ Century

  • For all processed orders, the AWB number/tracking ID will be synced automatically from CJ Century to Anchanto OMS/WMS and the respective sales channels

shipping label
  • Download and print CJ Century approved shipping label from Anchanto OMS/WMS upon order creation from Anchanto OMS/WMS to CJ Century

order status tracking
  • Auto-sync the order status from CJ Century to Anchanto OMS/WMS to respective sales channels

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