Based in Lisbon, Delnext offers shipping and delivery solutions for individuals and businesses. With a goal to simplify the process of delivering goods, Delnext pays special attention to price, speed, and customer support.

It is suitable for students living abroad, foreigners, and travelers, to emigrants and eCommerce businesses with delivery needs.

With an innovative system that allows goods to be sent from and to anywhere in the world, Delnext aims to revolutionize the way parcel deliveries happen with new-age technology systems.

Shipping Carrier


  • Order Creation
  • Shipping Label
  • Order Status Tracking
order creation
  • Auto-create order on the Delnext platform when the seller marks the order as ‘Ready to Ship’ in Anchanto OMS or move the order to the packing line in Anchanto WMS

shipping label
  • AWB number & Shipping label of A6 size will be synced from Delnext to Anchanto OMS/WMS upon order creation on the Delnext platform

order status tracking
  • Order status will be synced from Delnext to Anchanto OMS & WMS at an interval of 30 minutes

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