DHL is an international courier, package delivery, and express mail service. It is a division of the German logistics company, Deutsche Post. DHL provides international express mail services, offers separate best-suited propositions for businesses of different sizes, and develops tailored solutions for eCommerce shipping based on customer preferences.

Every year, DHL delivers an estimate of 1.5 billion parcels globally. Founded in 1969, DHL has played a key role in revolutionizing the world of logistics.

With 400,000+ people working across 220 countries and territories, DHL helps businesses address all their global shipping needs. DHL’s services include freight forwarding, logistics, and warehousing.

Shipping Carrier

India Singapore Philippines Malaysia Indonesia Hong Kong Thailand Vietnam Taiwan Japan China UK US Canada France Italy Korea Spain Portugal Australia Nigeria

  • Order Creation
  • Shipping Label
  • Order Status Tracking
order creation
  • Once an order is processed on Anchanto WMS, it will automatically be created on DHL Express

  • For all processed orders, the AWB number/tracking ID will be synced automatically from DHL Express to Anchanto WMS and the respective sales channels

shipping label
  • Download and print DHL Express generated shipping label from Anchanto WMS upon order creation from Anchanto WMS to DHL Express

order status tracking
  • Auto-sync the order status from DHL Express to Anchanto WMS to respective sales channels

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