FedEx is a shipping and delivery solutions provider operating across the globe. With the goal to connect people and possibilities, the company offers services for shipping, transportation, eCommerce, and businesses. They offer integrated business applications that allow their partners to ensure extraordinary customer services. Currently, they have a global workforce of 575,000 employees and are a leading name when it comes to the most trusted shipping and delivery solution providers in the world.

Shipping Carrier


  • Order Creation
  • Shipping Label
  • Order Status Tracking
  • Cross border Sevices
order creation
  • Once an order is processed on Anchanto OMS, it will automatically be created on FedEx

  • For all processed orders, the AWB number/tracking ID will be synced automatically from FedEx to Anchanto OMS and the respective sales channels

shipping label
  • Download and print the shipping label synced from FedEx

order status tracking
  • Auto-sync the order status from FedEx to Anchanto OMS to respective sales channels

cross border sevices
  • Ship orders internationally by using FedEx

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