Established in 2002, iRipple is a software company with the sole focus on providing technology solutions to retail industries. In 2008, iRipple went international by offering a SaaS platform/web POS called Imonggo. Currently, iRipple’s retail technology offerings include E-commerce, Order Management, Hardware, Purchase to Payment, Business Intelligence, and Inventory Management solutions. The company allows its customers to reach their users faster with Barter MMS.

POS System

Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Philippines Hong Kong Thailand Vietnam Taiwan Japan India UK US Spain Italy Canada France Korea UAE

  • Sync Orders
  • Sync Products
  • Sync Stock
sync orders
  • Sync orders from iRipple to Anchanto OMS and WMS

sync products
  • Sync products from Anchanto OMS and WMS to iRipple

  • Update product details such as name, cost price, and MRP from Anchanto OMS and WMS to iRipple

sync stock
  • Sync stock from Anchanto OMS and WMS to iRipple

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