J&T Express is a company that positions itself as a leading express delivery service backed by powerful technology. Their tagline, “Express Your Online Business’ resonates with their vision. The company offers shipping services by ensuring that all operations stay customer-oriented and efficient.

This partnership between Anchanto and J&T Express is aimed at helping our customers manage seamless deliveries across the region with J&T.

Also, J&T Express will support local and cross-border delivery services, offer multi-parcel services, and achieve seamless delivery operations in the region with Anchanto.

Shipping Carrier

Malaysia Singapore

  • Order Status Tracking
  • Shipping Label
  • Order Creation
order status tracking
  • Once the order is delivered, the Order delivery status will automatically be updated from J&T Express to Anchanto OMS

  • The delivery status will auto-update and reflect across sales channels once it is received from J&T Express to Anchanto OMS

shipping label
  • For all orders, an A6 sized shipping label can be generated and printed by J&T Express through Anchanto OMS

order creation
  • Once an order is processed on Anchanto OMS, it will automatically be created on J&T Express

  • For all processed orders, the AWB number/tracking ID will be synced automatically from J&T Express to respective sales channels

  • This update supports the multi-parcel feature on Anchanto WMS for J&T Express

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