Established in Singapore 10 years back in 2011, Q-Xpress is a logistics service provider. Its main offerings range from last-mile delivery to warehousing requirements. With the goal to deliver customer satisfaction at every step of the journey, Q-Xpress lays emphasis on being proactive about giving support through services that are optimized and supported by the right technology.

Over the years, Q-Xpress has expanded across new markets. Today, with headquarters in Singapore, Q-Xpress serves across Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Malaysia. It offers eCommerce product warehouse storage, delivery order acceptance, and packing services.

Shipping Carrier


  • Order Creation
  • Shipping Label
  • Order Status Tracking
order creation
  • Once an order is processed on Anchanto OMS and WMS, it will automatically be created on Q-Xpress

  • For all processed orders, the AWB number/tracking ID will be synced automatically from Q-Xpress to respective sales channels

shipping label
  • For all orders, an A5 sized shipping label can be generated and printed by Q-Xpress through Anchanto OMS and WMS

order status tracking
  • Once the order is delivered, the Order delivery status will automatically be updated from Q-Xpress to Anchanto OMS and WMS

  • The delivery status will auto-update and reflect across sales channels once it is received from Q-Xpress to Anchanto OMS and WMS

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