Located in Vietnam, TiKi is Vietnam’s fastest-growing B2C eCommerce retail platform. It offers more than 300,000 products across 12 different categories. These include electronics, books, lifestyle, etc. Tiki is derived from “Tìm kiếm & Tiết kiệm”, which means “Search & Save.”

The company achieves the highest customer satisfaction rate and the lowest return rate among all eCommerce players in Vietnam due to its capability to control the end-to-end supply chain. Investors in the company include Seedcom, CyberAgents Ventures, Sumitomo Corporation, and VNG Corporation.

Increase your product visibility with Anchanto

  • Connect and manage multiple seller accounts in one place

  • Centrally manage all your eCommerce operations

  • Take smart decisions with filtered reports and insights

  • Instantly assign last-mile carriers

  • Achieve strong SLA compliance



  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • catalogues & listings
  • Promotions & Planning
  • logistics & warehousing
  • Analytics & reports
inventory management
  • Centralize and Auto-sync Inventory

  • Get Low stock, Out-of-Stock, Buffer Stock Alerts

  • Easily Import Bulk Products

  • Monitor in-process stocks in real-time

  • Manage Stocks based on storage type

  • Maintain Quality based Inventory Counts

order management
  • Centrally View all your brands on one dashboard

  • View, Manage & Process all order types

  • Track complete order cycle

  • Monitor status-wise orders

  • Download the shipping labels and invoices

  • Sync and view the orders that are fulfilled by Tiki

catalogues & listings
  • Clone listings from Tiki to other marketplaces/ other stores

  • Specialized functionalities to update listings on select channels

  • Inbuilt Marketplace QCs

  • Simplified steps to create Kits & bundles

promotions & planning
  • Plan, Create, execute large-scale promotions

  • Track Active Promotions

  • Manage Multichannel (online and offline) promotions

  • Single-click Abort Live Promotions Functionality

  • Generate Customized Promotions Report

logistics & warehousing
  • Easily assign channel-wise Last-mile carriers

  • Configure User Roles

  • Consolidate front-end and back-end processes

  • Sync orders directly to existing WMS

  • Get real-time logistics updates

analytics & reports
  • Check product-wise sales anytime

  • Achieve control & visibility on sellout data

  • Track client-wise performance

  • Control access to your client accounts

  • Manage multiple stores on one dashboard

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