Account Manager (Proficient in Korean Language)

Job Description

  • Singapore

  • Full Time

  • Account Management

Remuneration Components

  1. Fixed base salary
  2. Commission on renewed contracts

Job Purpose

This role's prime purpose is to manage mid and large enterprise accounts actively by engaging and servicing - customers, external stakeholders, and users proactively - including the C-Level.

Job Description

Are you customer-oriented, intuitive ,assertive and expert in managing customers' expectations? Have you driven a relationship with mid and large size retailers, brands, and logistics companies ? If yes, this role is for you. As an Account Manager, you will have the exciting opportunity to deliver and engage external stakeholders at leading ecommerce businesses in M.

The ideal candidate will possess customer relationships management and wow experience delivery skills that enable you to front-end with demanding ecommerce users and executives, C-level professionals, and the IT team. He/she should also be a self-starter prepared to deliver and execute agreed action plans with the customers.

Key Accountabilities/Responsibilities:

Account Manager is responsible to work closely with customers in order to achieve success for the customer while using Anchanto products.

The day-to-day responsibilities would look like:

  • Manage customer lifecycle after contract is signed
  • Setup and execute kick off / introduction meeting with the customer after taking over the relationship with the customer from the sales team
  • Collect and verify all necessary detailed information about “what was sold” by the sales team to the customer
  • Manage customer on-boarding process along with managing any delays and external dependencies
  • Maintain straight, crisp & clear communication with the customer throughout all the phases of lifecycle
  • Clarify about the integration, any requirements and priorities with customers prior to implementation
  • Prepare overall implementation plan along with Product Consultant and define the implementation schedule
  • Assess internal as well as customer readiness for implementation
  • If needed, be present onsite during implementation and during any necessary priority meetings
  • Regular (Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly) meetings with customer side end users and decision makers while determining the account health and/or any risks
  • Handle escalations and resolution of issues while sharing and tracking ETAs as required. Manage internal escalations of issues faced by customer
  • Monitor and make sure customer is using platform as required. Weekly and Monthly product usage and volume monitoring for the account to analyze customer behavior, risk analysis and overall account status
  • Responsible for customer and stakeholder expectations management
  • Keep customer posted about major product release, new features and benefits
  • Prepare and share internal revenue forecasts. Prepare 12 months account growth plan and forecasts with customer and work on a plan to achieve those targets
  • Create and follow-up on account growth plan and up-sell opportunities to the customer
  • Ensure timely invoicing and payments from all accounts, while resolving any queries on invoices from customer
  • Crisis Management
  • Ensure internal alerts are raised and you get support to retain customers. Prepare and present appropriate proposal to retain customer
  • Assess impact on revenue with projections if churn situation is identified with customer. Manage retention or exit process
  • Publish detailed analysis internally on churn and areas for improvement

Soft Skills:

  • Must have proficiency in Korean language
  • Excellent communication skills (Verbal and written)
  • Good understanding of customer lifecycle and behavior
  • Ability to work with geographically dispersed teams
  • eCommerce and Logistics domain experience would be preferred
  • Ability to clearly communicate internally and externally
  • Must possess good analytical and problem solving skills

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