Product Support Executive

Job Description

  • Philippines

  • Full Time

  • Platform Support

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Be the part of amazing team in order to support customers in various ways for them to master our Software product
  • Be the product expert and help users in using the platform in a perfect way that will improve their productivity, increase business and reduce errors
  • Deal directly with the product users either by chat, email or call
  • Being the front face of the company to the platform (or software) user, bring in that changing factor in the customer in order to adapt the technology product that makes their life easy and simply when managing their online and logistics business
  • Be the part of team and perform in a way that will build impression on users about the team being prompt, helpful, courteous and standby them when they need it. Achieve this by simply responding to users promptly, with valid and genuine information
  • Handle happy users and give them best experience always, while making sure the worried users (or customers) are taken care of delicately and carefully so they see value in the team, software and the company. Simply resolve user queries and explain them what went wrong, what is fixed and what they need to do next so they are up on track again. Do this by asking relevant questions to collect valid information and giving them the best support
  • In order to keep the user happy, do make sure that the pending items are being tracked and followed-up with the internal teams, as required and keep the communication active with user by giving regular updates so they know the progress every step
  • Record details of every communication with the users, so as a team we know where to focus on, what kind of queries or issues are being raised by users that will help in we working efficiently and how to manage specific queries
  • Make sure the action items are captured so we do not miss on our commitment to the user who deserves an enchanting experience from you and us, as a company
  • Keep the healthy and transparent communication within the team, with your manager and peers from other teams
  • Make sure your weekly activities are captured and shared with your manager every week without fail, so it helps in recording your performance for the week and the hard work you have done

Minimum Qualifications

  • Excellent communication skills – verbal and written
  • Proficient in English – verbal and written
  • Should be comfortable communicating with customers over email, phone or online
  • Demonstrate high degree of diligence, accountability, and integrity
  • Should be willing to adapt and learn at an accelerated pace
  • Should be able to think aggressively and act fast
  • Should be process oriented
  • Should be a good listener
  • Problem analysis and problem-solving ability
  • Demonstrate patience in understanding customer queries and supporting them during conversations


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