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Modern WMS for the Digital Economy

A modular Warehouse Management System designed to align warehousing and fulfillment operations for B2B and B2C

Anchanto WMS is an ergonomic, full-suite software managing e-commerce and B2B logistics operations.

The system has pre-built onboarding workflows, advanced inbound and outbound features, and industry-specific stock management capabilities.


Managing integrations is a breeze

  • Local or international, Anchanto WMS is pre-integrated with 40+ leading last-mile carriers and postal services, making shipping label management as easy as it should be.
  • One click connectivity with 100+ marketplaces and web stores.
  • Ready for your ecosystem and those of your customers with existing Enterprise Product integrations such as ERP, Acounting tools, TMS, CRM and more.

Automated Smart Warehouses

Manage inbounds smoothly with intelligent receiving & Quality Control, PO & ASN manager, and programmable putaway workflows.

Effecient pick-pack strategies (FEFO, FIFO, wave, zone, and more) using handheld devices to speed up your dispatch and reduce shipping errors.

Inventory Flow Championed

Store products safely with specialty storage options like cold storage, hazardous material, high value inventory etc.

Periodic stock take and automated replenishments enable you to monitor inventory levels and eliminate stock out events.

Whether you track your inventory by batch, lot or even serial number, always get 100% accurate audits.

Customer Onboarding & Management

Predesigned onboarding templates, custom SLA workflows & data visualisation tools speed up the time-to-market of your new customers.

Support modern industry and customer needs like crossdocking, flowthrough, bundling & kitting, value-added services etc.

Readily build and integrate your customised third party applications with the Open API of Anchanto WMS

Resource Planning & Optimisation

Optimised manpower cost with labor management, user roles & access matrix, performance reports & heatmap analysis.

Master reseller account to manage and closely monitor operations for all of your customers through the same system.



Xiao Yen Goh and, Corey Tan share the experience of using our OMS and WMS to manage 19 eCommerce stores, process approximately 10K+ orders per month, and manage 4700+ SKUs online.

Xiao Yen Goh

Co-Founder & Managing Director

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