Control Tower

Zoom in to track a single package. Zoom out to see the total picture.

Network-wide Visibility

A robust platform that empowers operations teams to gain visibility of your entire logistics network and carrier performance.

Measure SLA Compliance

A must-have if you work with multiple carriers and want performance-driven insights about all partners across countries.

Forecast Threats and Risks

Predictive analytics to mitigate potential issues

Reduce calls to your contact centre by alerting the customer of delivery delays

Get actionable recommendations on unexpected events in your e-commerce shipping operations

Save time and cost by managing customer orders by exception

Notifications- Control Tower

Dynamic Monitoring & Reporting

Personalized reports to measure performance

Quickly highlight missed SLAs and other performance gaps of your carriers via customized reports

Compare carrier and event data at any time and manage your customer orders by exception

Get alerted when order delivery doesn't meet customer expectations

Reporting- Control Tower

Unblock data flow barriers

Carrier collaboration at scale

Easily manage connections with your tracking platform and internal systems

Improve response time with increased data efficiency and robust integrations

Search and export parcel information across multiple carriers

Order Tracking with Control Tower

Carrier and country scorecard

A satellite view to monitor performance

Compare the performance of your domestic and international shipping carriers

Analyze carrier and country performance with detailed scorecards highlighting performance trends and more

Pull Custom reports of missed SLAs, average delivery time and other parameters of your choice

Country Scorecard- Control Tower

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