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Get AI-driven insights on your online performance while keeping track of your competitors

Get Actionable Insights

Review daily performance snapshots and reports of your pricing trends, market share, category performance, product sales analysis and more.

Spot new opportunities

Discover competiting brands and products and identify which metrics are impacting their performance. Measure a range of parameters such as pricing, promotions, buyer engagement and more.

Coherent Market Insights

Latest data to power your business strategy

Detailed product and store scorecards to compare your promotions, category ranks and more against competitors

View any product's pricing history and compare it with market trends

Get competitor information by countries, market share, share of search and more

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Dependable Customer Intelligence

Learn what matters to your customers

Get insights from sentiment analysis and identify what buyers think about your brand

Track ratings, reviews and content quality and analyze engagement metrics

Acquire data from automated product matches for improved customer experience

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Discover and Compare Competitors

Measure, Optimize and Get Ahead

Discover product matches from multiple marketplaces and them on metrics such as pricing, ratings, likes, promotions, content quality and more

Analyze sales and revenue data of your products, categories and stores and track them against your competitors

Leverage customized and exportable reports throughout the platform to share among colleagues for business review

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Accurate and secure data

Secure and reliable performance metrics

Accurate and secure data powered by sophisticated machine learning algorithms

Built using Natural Language Processing models and publicly available sources to provide the most accurate data

Stay on top of your activities with customized notification intelligence

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