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AI-powered insights on your brand’s health and product performance

Get Competitive Advantage

Online marketplaces are noisy, dynamic, and filled with fierce competition. Get a central view of your and your competitor’s product availability, pricing, and sales

Track greysellers and resellers

Get visibility on all the 3rd party sellers involved in selling your products. Learn the price points they offer, the channels they use, the violations they make, and flag activities as needed

Price Monitoring and Comparison

Power your pricing strategy with precise data

Monitor pricing and discount trends of your products against competitors

Keep track of overpriced and underpriced products across sales channels

Receive alerts when competitors change prices and make quick pricing decisions in real-time

Total Sales and GMV

Activate campaign mode for traffic-heavy sales days

Track your total sales volume and GMV across retail channels, stores, seller, and categories

Dive deeper into best-selling brands and products by category, marketplace, and seller type

Ace peak sales season by getting updated and accurate data up to six times a day

Track Greysellers and Resellers

Monitor your grey sellers’ activities and violations

View the total number of 3rd party sellers of your brand and minutely track their online activity

Keep a close watch on price violations and price range by seller type and take appropriate action

Get a clear comparison of resellers, greysellers, official brands and competitors across diverse pricing parameters

Product Availability & Stock

Stay on top of product availability and stock levels

Never go out-of-stock by tracking & forecasting inventory levels of all products and their variants

Monitor new launches from your competitors on all marketplaces and prepare your strategy in advance

Identify your best performing product variant and stock up ahead of time

Competitor Intelligence

Measure yourself against competitors

Discover competing products with options to compare side-by-side on multiple parameters

Compare directly competing products based on pricing, promotions, search ranking and buyer engagement

Analyze your brand’s performance against your top competitors through detailed scorecards highlighting market share, discount trends and more

Content Quality

Learn who dominates the share of search

Monitor the share of search, engagement and traffic of all products, brands and stores along with those of competitors

Gain insights on the quality of your product images and descriptions through a content quality score

Learn how your product is being perceived through a sentiment score based on your online ratings and reviews

Anchanto’s technology and teams will enable our pragmatic e-commerce vision and strategy, grow our sales across countries and categories, and onboard more brands while maintaining our quality and values at heart.
Mukesh Valiram | Executive Director, Valiram

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