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A modular and branded front-end to engage with your customers

Take Control And Customize

No need to open up your entire backend system to your customers. Take control of the platform access you want to grant them and customize the 'customer portal' with your own brand colours and assets.

Prioritize Your Customers

Provide automony to your customers by giving them access to a pre-built library of marketplace, webstore and carrier integrations. Empower them to carry out order and inventory management operations independently, with speed and at scale.

Lightning Fast Customer Onboarding

Onboard customers with ease, and at scale

Significantly reduce the time and effort while onboarding customers

Offer an engaging and intuitive UI and reduce customer training time

Manage customers by onboarding status, integrated platforms and performance

Manage Customer Onboarding

Unified Customer Experience

Centrally managed operations for partners & customers

Offer a unified, self-serve dashboard with access to your current and future service options

Provide a Single Sign On to customers with User Access control based on levels and functions

Deliver flawless operations management to sellers across multiple e-commerce and fulfillment services

Integrations_Operations Experience

White-labeled Front End

Create your own platform in a few clicks

Customize the platform's UI to incorporate your branding and domain name

Leverage API driven automation to instantly customize and set up marketplaces, lastmile carriers and other systems in your ecosystem

Streamline information flow between your existing technology stack, partner ecosystems, channels and carriers

Dashboard-User Portal

Global Analytics Across Systems

Visualize and measure progress with unified reports

Get data and insights about all your customers on a single dashboard

View intelligent reports to oversee inventory flow, order orchestration, and last-mile deliveries

Monitor customers by activities, performance and onboarding status

Dashboard-Operations Experience

They manage their brands with Anchanto