Parcel Tracking

Manage and harmonize tracking events from multiple logistics partners

Multiple carriers, one system

A fast cloud-based system built to process large volumes of parcel data from multiple carriers, aggregators, and other sources

Accurate tracking details

View centralized and uniform parcel tracking information and harmonize raw tracking events in a single platform

Flawless Partner Integrations

All your carrier partners connected centrally

Easily integrate and collaborate with several systems and partners

Apply ready-to-use integrations with global and local carriers, aggregators and sales channels

Monitor existing integrated systems and configure the data sync frequency

Carrier Integrations with Parcel Tracking

Unified Parcel Tracking

Minutely detailed tracking information

Uniform visibility of all parcel tracking events in real time

Track parcels across domestic and cross-border carriers and get a holistic view on all your shipments

Create branded tracking pages and notifications to enhance customer engagement

Parcel Tracking

Harmonize Tracking Events

Centralized management of raw events

View and manage raw and harmonized events across all your shipments

Easily map harmonized and raw events on a well-designed intuitive UI

Harmonize 60K+ events per minute without tracking lags

Event Harmonization with Parcel Tracking

Reporting and Analytics

Customized dashboards to measure performance

Gain a holistic view of carrier and shipping partner performance

Intelligent notification technology to set custom alerts for SLA management, API monitoring or data inconsistency

Dashboard and Reporting in Parcel Tracking

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