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Parcel Tracking


Get Global Shipment Tracking Visibility on One Platform

Multiple carriers, one system

Process and standardize large volumes of parcel data from multiple carriers, aggregators, and other sources with a fast cloud-based system

Branded Tracking Communication

Get centralized parcel tracking information and offer a branded tracking page, proactive communication, and timely notifications about tracking updates to your customers

End to End Parcel Tracking

Track every parcel journey with Anchanto

Effortlessly keep track of all your packages across various carriers and geographies with real-time tracking updates

Tag critical parcels and enable your customer service staff to discover them easily

Expand your shipping business globally with a system that scales with your growth

Global Carrier Integrations

Streamline data integrations across all platforms

Access an extensive library of pre-integrated global network of shipping carriers

Manage both existing and new carrier integrations through a user-friendly interface

Get accurate tracking information with real-time data feed

Achieve complete automation by connecting your entire tech ecosystem of CRMs, ERPs, OMS and WMS

Branded Tracking Page

Create a customized tracking URL in a few clicks

Build a custom branded tracking page with your logo and relay shipment tracking updates

Publish the branded tracking page on your website so customers can track their parcels and boost your site's viewership

Allow customers to view special promotions & discounts while they track their parcels on your branded tracking page

Branded Notifications

Always keep customers updated with timely alerts

Boost your brand identity by enabling branded notifications for your end customers

Automate branded notifications for each tracking milestone

Send notifications on multiple communication channels- e-mails, SMS and WhatsApp

Proactively reduce WISMO calls for your customer service team

Standardized Carrier Tracking Events

Benefit from pre-defined global standard for carrier tracking events from multiple carriers

Simplify carrier tracking with an intuitive and user-friendly interface allowing you to map large volumes of raw data to standardised formats

Streamline up to 60K+ events per minute without any lags across multiple carriers, time zones, and locations

Reduce dependency on your carrier management teams with standardized tracking data from all carriers

Open API Hub

Share tracking data with your connected platforms and partners

Easily share tracking information with marketplaces and any other e-commerce platform in your ecosystem

Enable your e-commerce partners to use real-time tracking information through your system for better decision making

Facilitate secure and low-latency exchange of shipping information with your e-commerce partners

Actionable Analytics & Insights

What gets measured, gets managed

Stay on top of your shipments, deliveries, exceptions, and returns with complete visibility into every stage of the shipment journey

Gain valuable business, operational, and technical insights with sophisticated data visualization

Make data-driven decisions & gain competitive edge with Anchanto’s insightful & powerful dashboards

The rich, powerful integrations from Anchanto help us easily manage SLA compliances across marketplaces. Their improved workflows, automated processes, and powerful integrations are a real game-changer.
Mr. David Wong Nan Fay | Group CEO, SnT Global Logistics Sdn. Bhd.