Parcel Tracking


Central visibility of your entire parcel data across carriers

Multiple carriers, one system

Process and standardize large volumes of parcel data from multiple carriers, aggregators, and other sources with a fast cloud-based system.

Accurate tracking details

Get centralized parcel tracking information and offer a branded tracking page, proactive communication, and timely notifications about tracking updates to your customers

Unified Parcel Tracking

Access minutely detailed parcel tracking information on one platform

Uniform visibility of all parcel tracking events in real-time.

Track parcels across domestic and cross-border carriers and get a holistic view of all your shipments.

Apply ready-to-use integrations with global and local carriers, aggregators, and sales channels.

Unified Parcel Tracking

Enhanced Customer Experience

Proactive & customized communication

Create a branded tracking page so your customers stop receiving different tracking numbers from multiple carriers.

Always keep your customers informed about their parcel delivery status with timely notifications.

Reduce the number of support queries you receive by proactively offering delivery details to customers.

Branded Tracking Page in Anchanto Parcel Tracking

Standardized Parcel Events

Centralized management of all tracking data

Streamline up to 60K+ events per minute without any lags across multiple carriers, time zones, and locations.

Continuously monitor and standardize tracking events on a well-designed intuitive UI.

Get delivery status, sender and receiver details, and parcel information including carrier name, destination, and currency.

Event Harmonization with Parcel Tracking

Reporting and Analytics

Customized dashboards to measure performance

Gain a holistic view of carrier and shipping partner performance

Intelligent notification technology to set custom alerts for SLA management, API monitoring or data inconsistency

Dashboard and Reporting in Parcel Tracking

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