Australia: How Anchanto is ramping up growth in the region

The eCommerce ecosystem is constantly changing and ever evolving. Online shopping festivals are also transforming eCommerce in this region. We delivered a terrific user experience during special sale seasons such as 11.11, with our customers processing on average 800 orders per minute. The year 2019 was truly monumental for Anchanto across Asia Pacific, seeing us record exceptional revenue growth across all our markets.

Propelled by our technology infrastructure and a wide and unrivalled logistics network, we are very pleased to see our cross-border offerings continuing to make an impact by providing opportunities to expand and reach international opportunities.

Our team size grew in all the countries, and three Fortune-500 companies have signed deals with Anchanto to make our solutions an integral part of their supply-chain models. We now offer local businesses with access to Southeast Asia and other global markets such as China, Korea, Japan, India and the USA. Anchanto is becoming the online shopping platform of choice for more Australian businesses.

Underserviced but not without immense potential, the ANZ e-commerce market is growing in robust speed. Reports indicate that Australia is currently the 10th largest ecommerce market in the world by revenue. Forecast to continue growing over the upcoming years, the market size will reach A$35.2 billion (US$ 25.2 billion) by 2021.

Moreover, to develop our local roots, Anchanto Australia has partnered with NORA, an influential retail business network in Australia. We are excited to have a series of events this year in the pipeline to amplify Anchanto’s voice in the local market.


A panel discussion with the industry experts

The first event - Raising the Bar for National E-Commerce - in this series just took place, in the second week of March. We hosted a leadership lunch which saw over 70 influential C-suites within the retail industry raise the glass and share market insights together.


The event saw more than 70 influential retail leaders

The event dissected uncertainties of current economic climate and the impacts on the Australian retail industry, as well as the opportunities that await in the future for Australian retailers to grow and expand. We also discussed multiple ways through which Australian businesses can benefit from cross-border e-commerce. You can click here to watch the recording of the insightful discussions of the event.

Australian businesses will see new opportunities being offered to them and experience extremely reliable logistics services. We remain optimistic about where the internet economy is heading. I believe that we have only seen the beginning of the growth of the e-commerce industry in Australia.

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