Get that makeover for your e-commerce operations

Benefit from a unique set of capabilities needed to run successful cosmetics omnichannel operations

Get directly integrated with your sales channels, carriers, and enterprise suite


Solutions built for the nuances of the industry

Build a Global Brand and Localised Buying Experience
Accelerate Growth with Bundles, Offers, and Promotions Management
Access Global Virtual Inventory Management
Create a cohesive omnichannel brand experience by centralizing storage and dissemination of product information such as composition, creatives, safe usage guidelines, batch and expiry, etc.
Beauty products are always used in combinations. Delight your consumers with perfectly bundled offers and attractive prices that are managed centrally with ease.
Fluctuating demands and returns create a need for your products to be moved from different warehouses or stores to manage all-time availability. Have accurate global visibility of inventory on the move.
Gather Meaningful Consumer Data and Business Insights
Establish Intelligent Putaways and Picking Workflows for Fragile Goods
Strengthen Omnichannel Distribution with Best in Technology<br />
Leverage real-time data and insights from interconnected ecosystems to understand your best-performing channels and products, operations weak links, seasonality and high times for purchase and more.
Manage your fragile goods intelligently by ensuring safe temperature-controlled storage in warehouses with a proactive Batch and Expiry Management strategy that ensures minimal loss of inventory.

Stay on top of ever-evolving customer expectations in the shopping experience by building D2C, O2O and Social commerce touchpoints while managing operations from a centralized platform.

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Anchanto's know-how of the APAC region, backed by strong product infrastructure, has helped us establish ourselves as a beauty omni leader in the region.