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Manage Inventory Challenges with Shorter Product Lifecycles
Intelligent Putaways and Picking Workflows for Valuable Goods
Ace B2B and B2C Order Processing
Innovation in the electronics industry makes last year’s products outdated in no time because consumers always want the latest technology. Avoiding overstocking or stockout is critical and possible with centralized inventory and stock management.
Using handheld Android scanners and specialty storage zones ensures 100% accurate audit on batch, lot control, serial number management and safe handling of high-end valuable products.
Manage different workflows of B2B and B2C orders such as multiple picks by pieces and pick by pallet, allowing managing both B2B and B2C businesses via one single platform.
Access Promotions and Pricing Management
Gather Meaningful Consumer Data and Business Insights
Navigate Fragile Customer Confidence in Brand and e-commerce
The electronics industry is well-recognized for the deals offered. Ensuring that the right offers are visible across platforms and avoiding any cascaded effect of underselling or stockouts can have a major impact on the revenue goals.
Leverage real-time data and insights from interconnected ecosystems to understand best-performing channels and products, operations weak links, seasonality and high times for purchase and more.
Electronics customers are more likely to question the authenticity and quality of products. Maintain a flawless presence on marketplaces or build Direct-to-Consumer touchpoints, and never let your customers question your brand and maintain confidence.

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With Anchanto, we have reduced our go-to-market time from months to a couple of days. The system has ready integrations with multiple e-commerce marketplaces that are connected to our warehouse and fulfillment processes. With just a few clicks, we are able to go live on other e-commerce platforms.