Keeping up with an industry built
to change as fast as tastes do

Every aspect of the omnichannel fashion brand experience at your fingertips, so you’re always ready to respond to change - or drive it.

Get directly integrated with your sales channels, carriers, and enterprise suite


One product suite for every challenge of the Fashion industry

Manage Demand Volatility and Personalised Shopping
Catalogue Management for Meaningful Visual Shopping Experience
Champion Customer Experience with Fast and Accurate Fulfillment
Fashion is personal, seasonal, cultural, regional - and ever-evolving. Managing global control and visibility of your multichannel orders is imperative to react instantly to changing consumer preferences and always staying in trend.
Update your portfolio of photoshoots and campaign creatives in real-time across all marketplaces. Catch the attention of window shoppers and improve the visual process of conversions.
Fast Fashion calls for rapid fulfillment. Reduce returns and cancellations with customized workflows, easy order modifications and splitting, mobile app for pick-pack-ship, and intelligent solutions like flowthrough, order splitting, multi-warehousing, and cross-docking.
Accelerate Growth with Bundles, Offers, and Promotions
Gather Meaningful Consumer Data and Business Insights
Access Global Virtual Inventory Management
Brands are now running promotional campaigns all year long, not just sale periods. Matching and tracking the pricing and promotional offers of all inventory across channels is crucial to keep online sales growing.
Leverage real-time data and insights from interconnected ecosystems to understand best-performing channels and products, operations weak links, seasonality and high times for purchase and more.
Fluctuating demands and returns create a need for your products to be moved from different warehouses or stores to manage all-time availability. Have accurate global visibility of inventory on the move.

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With Anchanto’s SaaS technology, we’re able to finish 97.5% of orders to be fulfilled within 48 hours of receipt with minimum manpower. Their system also supports and aligns with our vision to achieve omnichannel retail.