Accelerate your e-commerce business for growth

Product Suite to streamline all your end-to-end e-commerce operations

Integrate Directly with your Sales Channels, Carriers, and Enterprise Suite

Streamline Emerging touchpoints and Customer Preferences
Leverage the Power of Catalogue Management
Get Fast Fulfillment for Fast-moving consumer goods
Whether it is online marketplaces, brand webstores, social commerce, D2C, O2O, Click-and-Collect, or any other shopping touchpoints, brands need to ensure there is a globally consistent buying experience.
FMCG brands have to grapple with the long-tail effect of online shopping, hosting and updating up to thousands of different products with multiple variations. Every day, newer needs and trends emerge, leading to a massive portfolio of product management.
Leverage custom workflows for pick-pack-ship and intelligent solutions like flowthrough, order splitting, multi-warehousing, cross-docking to ensure timely deliveries.
Streamline B2B and B2C Order Processing
Gather Meaningful Consumer Data and Business Insights
Access Global Virtual Inventory Management
Manage different workflows of B2B and B2C orders such as multiple pick by pieces and pick by pallet, allowing managing both B2B and B2C businesses via one single platform.
Leverage real-time data and insights from interconnected ecosystems to understand best-performing channels and products, operations weak links, seasonality and high times for purchase and more.
Fluctuating demands and returns create a need for the product to be moved from different warehouses or stores to manage all-time availability and have accurate global visibility of inventory on the move.

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With Anchanto, we can serve a lot more product categories. So, we used to be able to just focus on fashion, cosmetics, electronics, and household products. By now we are able to cater to the food industry as well.