Bridge omnichannel barriers with centralised operations

Remove silos between sales, warehousing, and fulfillment operations with Anchanto's new retail technology suite.

Online or Offline, Marketplace or POS system, benefit from ready integrations with all your sales channels and more

Centralised selling across all channels
Bridge online-offline experiences
Online or in-store, the same catalogue experience
Easily setup multiple shops, manage a consolidated inventory, and unify order management across all retail and e-commerce touchpoints.
Get the full advantage of your retail stores by building a coherent shopping experience with click and collect, or by developing a ship from store strategy with a centralized inventory and in-store pick, pack and dispatch capabilities.
Centrally store and easily distribute your multi-brand catalogues with all your product information and digital assets.
Personalise promotions for diverse product portfolios
Integrate stores and warehouses for complete retail supply management
Global insights and business reporting
Manage customized and complex promotions, offer discounts, pre-booking options, or even omnichannel flash sales for your different ranges of products.
Setup, integrate and manage multiple online stores, offline shops and warehousing locations within a single system.
Consolidate real-time data from multiple stores, channels and interconnected ecosystems for complete visibility over sales performance and operational efficiency.

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