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Essential solutions for industry-specific challenges

Ensure Intelligent Putaways and Picking workflows for Fragile Goods
Avoid inaccurate product information at all costs
Access Global Virtual Inventory Management
Using handheld Android scanners and specialty storage such as temperature control, hazmat, chemicals in warehouses with a proactive Batch and Expiry Management strategy ensures minimal loss of inventory and fast safe product delivery.
It is imperative to control the accuracy, storage and dissemination of product information across all channels. There is no exception for this and brand custodians need to have global control and visibility at all times.
Fluctuating demands and returns create a need for the product to be moved from different warehouses or stores to manage all-time availability and have a 100% accurate audit on Batch, Expiry, and Serial numbers.
Streamline B2B and B2C Order Processing
Gather Meaningful Consumer Data and Business Insights
Navigate Fragile Customer Confidence in Brand and Online Shopping
Manage different workflows of B2B and B2C orders. This involves multiple pick by pieces and pick by pallet, allowing both B2B and B2C businesses to be managed via one single platform.
Leverage real-time data and insights from interconnected ecosystems to understand best-performing channels and products, operations weak links, seasonality and high times for purchase and more.
Customers are more likely to question the authenticity and quality of products. Whether by maintaining a flawless presence on marketplaces or building Direct-to-Consumer options, never let your customers question your brand and maintain confidence.

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