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Warehouse Management

Được thiết kế để điều chỉnh hoạt động kho và giao nhận cho các hoạt động B2B và B2C

Hệ thống quản lý kho (WMS) cho nền kinh tế số

Quản lý hoạt động giao nhận thương mại điện tử và B2B từ một nền tảng duy nhất, trên thiết bị cầm tay và máy tính để bàn.

Hoạt động giao nhận hàng với quy mô lớn

Tận dụng các luồng công việc tiền định, tính năng nhập / xuất nâng cao và khả năng quản lý kho hàng theo ngành để hoạt động của bạn được thực hiện một cách hiệu quả.

Kho tự động thông minh

Giảm thiểu sự can thiệp của con người, giảm thiểu lỗi

Efficiently manage the flow from generating purchase orders, receiving goods, counting and performing quality checks

Optimize your space usage with system recommendations for putaway locations

Quarantine the products that you don’t need right away and put them aside

Quản lý lưu chuyển hàng hóa

Process both B2B and B2C orders in one platform

Enable faster picking & packing with a mobile app or PDA scanner

Automatically generate & print shipping labels and invoices to reduce manual effort & errors

Boost efficiency with partial picking or picking by pool for identical orders

Easily manage flow through orders and reduce the time that goods spend in your warehouse

Onboarding và quản lý khách hàng

Tất cả hàng tồn kho được đồng bộ trung tâm theo thời gian thực

Instantly check product availability and identify low on stock or out of stock items

Easily create and process kits and bundled products with accurate stock

Store and process items through batch, expiry and shelf life management processes- FIFO and FEFO

Save time with automatic stock transfers from pallet to pick face

Kế hoạch nguồn lực và tối ưu hóa

Quản lý kho không giấy tờ, với hiệu suất tối ưu

Pre-integrated with 70+ leading last-mile carriers and postal services for quick and easy dispatch

Connect with your entire logistics ecosystem of ERPs, CRMs or TMS and eliminate manual workflows

Integrate with 50+ marketplaces and web stores globally, in just a few clicks


"When we speak about eCommerce Logistics, I think technology is essential. Anchanto has perfected a synchronous relation between eCommerce logistics and order management."

Natal Iman Ginting
Managing Director, Telkom Metra Logistics

"Our business has grown from 30 to 6000 orders per day, thanks to Anchanto's powerful system and committed team."

Sultan Joson
CEO & Founder, Cloud Logic

"Anchanto’s technology and teams will enable our pragmatic e-commerce vision and strategy, grow our sales across countries and categories, and onboard more brands while maintaining our quality and values at heart."

Mukesh Valiram
Executive Director, Valiram

"Anchanto’s ready-made and powerful solutions, with most webstores and marketplaces pre-integrated, added to their ability to implement a customized solution were driving factors for us to select them to accompany Panasonic in the long term."

Jake Hirose
Managing Director, Panasonic Appliances Marketing APAC

"We were lacking interface with a lot of e-commerce marketplace and platforms. With Anchanto solutions, we found a way to grow by building the founding blocks of our eCommerce ecosystem."

Lionel Berthe
Head of Asia-Pacific, Asendia

"We can see all our inventory centrally which helps us prevent overselling and achieve a 24-hour delivery rate for 95% of our orders with Anchanto solutions."

Jovian Mandagie
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jovian

"We were able to capture all the details from order processing until inventory and even the location of the stock. The processes are simplified, and the platforms are easy to use."

Jack Jung
Director, UrStore Sdn Bhd

"With Anchanto we can serve a lot more product categories. Previously, we just focus on fashion, cosmetics, electronics, and household products. By now we are able to cater to the food industry as well."

Nadhra Fauzi
Co-founder and Director, TresGo

"We grew from 4 to 60 employees, and started receiving updated information in real-time. We now manage 19 e-commerce stores with 4700+ SKUs online, and process 10K+ orders per month."

Xiao Yen Goh
Co-founder and Managing Director, Rurutiki

"With Anchanto’s SaaS technology, we complete 97.5% order fulfillment within 48 hours with minimum manpower. Their system also supports our vision to achieve omnichannel retail."

Rudy Dong Chao
Head of E-commerce & International Business Units, Poney