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Anchanto + Accurate

For diverse businesses and their accounting requirements, meet Accurate!

Accurate is an accounting software built to offer relevant financial solutions to businesses of all sizes. The company provides the easy financial recording with PSAK standards for various types of businesses from the MSME scale to large companies. Some key features that are offered by Accurate include functionality for trading businesses to view stock information and record sales transactions by average cost or FIFO, for service businesses to manage customers and monitor the value of receivables and receivables due easily, quickly, and accurately, for contracting businesses to easily manage projects from the creation of Budget Plans to project completion forms, and for manufacturing businesses to calculate variance and production costs automatically for the convenience of your business operations.

Some key features involve the ability to create sales invoices and receive payments easily, monitor stock, taxation, bank reconciliation, multi-currency transactions, and access to reports.

Accurate integration is available on Anchanto Order Management


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